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Who Is the Leader? is the sixteenth episode of Beast Wars II. It first in Japan on July 22, 1998 on TV Tokyo.




At the Cybertron base, Lioconvoy is holding a meeting with his crew. He asks the Jointron Brothers to join in, but they seem more intent on throwing a fiesta. Tasmanian Kid and Diver wander off, and the Jointrons follow. The Jointrons wonder why Lioconvoy sometimes seems disappointed with them, and Kid answers that it appears they have no clear leadership. Suddenly, it makes the Jointrons wonder who exactly is the leader of the brothers.

At Destron headquarters, meanwhile, Galvatron is trying to see, through his computer, if any of his army might be able to combine into something more powerful. All attempts fail. Starscream then suggests that they should kidnap at least one of the Jointrons, thus rendering the formation of Tripledacus useless.

In the forest, the Jointron Brothers argue who the leader of the group is. Each brother begins to perform some action which serves to prove why he should be the leader. This soon leads to a game of paper-rock-scissors in an attempt to win leadership. The Jointrons then starting running to see who has the most endurance. They reach a cliff and see the Autorollers working on something below. Suddenly, Starscream and BB are above then. The Jointrons retreat. BB fires a net on the Jointrons, but it falls short of capturing any of them.

The Jointrons return to base and start discussing the leadership issue in one of the ships. In the debate, they lift off in one of the Cybertron ships. The surprised Cybertrons take off after them in the other ship. In an attempt to take back over the other shuttle, the Cybertrons drop Kid onto the shuttle with the Jointrons. However, Kid has to hang on tight as the Jointrons fight over the controls (and thus leadership) of the shuttle. In the Jointron shuttle, Gimlet tricks the other Jointrons into dancing, while he drives the ship. DJ and Motorarm learn quickly and they go back to fighting. The fighting causes the shuttle to cruise out of control and it crashes into the shuttle bearing the Cybertrons. By this time, Kid has gotten inside the Jointron shuttle and attempts to take control. He gains control of the ship right before it is to crash into the Autorollers' project below the cliff. Kid barely misses hitting Starscream and BB, and then crashes the shuttle. Outside the shuttle, the Jointrons continue to argue. Starscream and BB arrive and deploy a net to trap the Jointrons. They end up trapping Motorarm and fly away with him. As the Cybertrons land their shuttle, Thrust and Dirge arrive and capture DJ and Gimlet.

As BB passes by the waterfall with the captured Motorarm in tow, Scuba pops out of the waterfall and attacks BB. On the moon, meanwhile, Artemis falls in love with Scuba for his brave actions. At the waterfall, Scuba continues his attack and manages to snap the net Motorarm is captured in. Motorarm falls to the ground and is caught by Scuba. Bighorn, using his mouth missile, fires at Thrust and Dirge. The huge explosion causes them to let go of the other two Jointrons, and they fall to the ground. Meanwhile, Lioconvoy and Apache have easily taken care of the Autorollers.

At the Cybertron base, the Jointron Brothers settle their differences and decide that no one needs to be the leader. Then, Starscream, BB, Thrust, and Dirge attack. The Jointrons merge to form Tripledacus and easily drive off the Destrons. After they tow the crashed shuttle back to base, the Jointron Brothers throw a fiesta as the sun sets.


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Note: All characters are listed in order of their first appearances in the episode. The time they appear is the time from the Japanese dub..

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