William Fowler is a human from the Prime continuity family.

Special Agent William "Bill" Fowler is Autobots' liaison to the outside world. He starts off as very hateful towards the Autobots and Optimus in particular, but after he is rescued from the clutches of the Decepticons and witnesses Optimus's fight with Megatron to save humanity he begins to appreciate the Autobots more and is far more accommodating towards them.


Prime' cartoon

Voice actor: Ernie Hudson


  • Fowler is an excellent pilot in both a jet fighter or a helicopter. He has been seen to out maneuver Soundwave's drone, if only temporarily, as well as Skyquake's seeker missiles.
  • He has the unfortunate habit of providing certain Decepticons with altmodes by showing up in a vehicle which is then scanned.
  • He appears to have a thing for June Darby and is quick to try and impress after initially put off by her statement that they should "Wait for Optimus".

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