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This article is about the G.I. Joe pilot. For the Autobot Action Master, see Windmill.
Windmill is a member of G.I. Joe from the Generation One continuity family.
Windmill blackhorizon

Abe Vigoda: A Real American Hero.

Windmill, a.k.a. Edward J. Roth, has worn a number of hats in his military career; flight instructor, helicopter test pilot, and finally, member of G.I. Joe.


Devil's Due G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers continuity

Windmill flew the Skystorm X-Wing Chopper as part of a G.I. Joe mission to the Himalayas of Tibet to stop the forces of Cobra-La and Unicron. Unfortunately, while battling the nightmarish Monstructor, Windmill's life force was drained, causing him to lose control of his vehicle. The giant Transformer threw a Snow Cat into the tumbling helicopter, presumably killing Windmill. Black Horizon, Part 2

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