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Wing is an Autobot from the Victory and Micromaster Collection portions of the Generation One continuity family.

Hi, I'm Wing McClure. You might know me from a dozen Armada episodes or several million Cartoon Network commercials.

Wing is the leader of the Autobot group known as the Multiforce. This also makes him half of the combiner duo Wingwaver and the head module of Landcross. Wing is practically indistinguishable from Wingwaver by personality except that he is possibly even more gutsy. Wing has shown no hesitation in facing six-to-one odds. Wing is almost always the top half of Wingwaver and gives the duo form his dashing good looks. Where he gets his winning personality might be more of a mystery.


Victory cartoon

Voice actor: Masashi Hironaka (Japan)

Victory manga

Mciromaster Collection story



  • Wingwaver (1989)
Japanese ID number: C-316
Wing transforms into a white plane of unknown design. He came packaged with his partner, Waver, or as part of the complete Landcross giftset.

Micromaster Collection

  • Wing (Micromaster, 2002)
A reissue of Wing, this version replaces the stickers with paint applications.


  • Wing's character model frequently showed up as a generic character in the Armada cartoon (where it probably got more screentime than it ever did in Victory). More pertinently, Wing's dramatic run-and-transform sequence seen in First Encounter was used extensively in Cartoon Network advertising and featured in the original Toonami "intro" for Armada, inexplicably making him a familiar-if-entirely-unrecognized sight on American television for Armada's duration on TV.

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