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Witwicky is a surname frequently used for humans in the Transformers brand.

Contrary to popular belief, Witwicky is a real name... but a vanishingly rare one. The U.S. Social Security Death Index records the passing of only two people with that name in the United States in the last 50 years.[1] However, the alternate spelling Witwicki is a relatively more common one, occurring 33 times in the Social Security Death Index.[2] It is possible that the name originates from the Poland/Ukraine area of Eastern Europe, specifically the village of Witwica, and that the name itself means 'the one from Witwica'.[3]

The motto of the Witwicky family (at least the fictional one) is "No sacrifice, no victory," or in latin Absque sui detrimento non datur victoria[4]

Generation one continuity family

Transformers 2007 film continuity family


I'm not an expert at reading family trees, but this genealogy appears to show inbreeding. No sacrifice, no victory, I suppose.

Transformers Animated continuity

  • Spike Witwicky - Daniel and Jennifer's father, husband of Carly.
  • Carly Witwicky (sometimes spelt Carlee) - Mother of Daniel and Jennifer, wife of Spike.
  • Daniel Witwicky - Son of Spike and Carly, brother of Jennifer.
  • Nancy Witwicky - Baby sister of Daniel, daughter of Carly and Spike.


  • The geneology chart shown above provides an entirely different Witwicky family tree than established in the Movie comics, eliminating or renaming most of the above characters. It might be imagined that this established the movie comics and movie itself as separate continuities, but then again it's a horribly mangled poster that is full of inbreeding and an apparently unrelated digression off to the side and may establish nothing more than the fact that Sam's "A-" was a damn miracle.
  • The Witwicky family from Transformers Animated continuity is so far the only one not to know the Autobots personally.


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