TF-GIJOE Cover 4

At the Fera Islands, 1939: It's Autobots against Decepticons, while treachery is afoot on the side of Cobra.

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Transformers / GI Joe #4

Writer: John Ney Rieber
Pencils: Jae Lee
Colors: June Chung
Letters: Benjamin Lee
V/P Editor in Chief: Roger Lee
President: Pat Lee

  • Cover date: November 2003
  • Release date: December 17th, 2003


When G.I. Joe Strike Team Two leader Flint orders Breaker to signal the fleet, he deduces that Breaker is actually an imposter: Zartan. Flint sends the rest of the team to engage Zartan in one on one combat, but Zartan's partner Soundwave easily captures Flint. Rather than eliminate the rest of Flint's team, Zartan and Soundwave retreat with Flint in their custody. Beachhead takes charge of the team and concludes that the best way to summon the fleet would be with the radio equipment of a nearby control tower.

Strike Team One, meanwhile, is having difficulty maneuvering while under assault from Rumble. Scarlett is able to defeat Rumble by jumping onto Bumblebee's motorbike mode and using him to get close enough to Rumble that she can defeat the Decepticon with a grenade. However, Rumble's attack made the terrain too unstable and Grimlock falls over the edge of a cliff, despite Roadblock's attempts at a pep talk. The two are saved, however, when the Aerialbots arrive and are able to save Grimlock by combining into Superion.

North, Snake-Eyes walks away from the ruined castle where he fought Storm Shadow, but once again Storm Shadow attacks, having apparently survived the grenade blast. The two plummet together off of the island and into the sea, where Storm Shadow is incapacitated by a shark.

Within the Terrordrome, Destro and Starscream discuss their motivations for sending the American forces a map to the Fera Islands, causing G. I. Joe's presence and thus the awakening of the Autobots. They both intend to overthrow their respective leaders, and to do that, they intend to use the ultimate weapon in their plot: Bruticus.

Beachhead, breaking into a mysteriously abandoned Cobra control tower to summon the American battle fleet, is ambushed by Frenzy. Noting the mechanical nature of Frenzy, Beachhead attempts to electrocute the Decepticon. Outside, Lady Jaye sees the electrical explosion and prepares to move to assist when she herself is spotted by Wild Weasel.

Items of note

  • This issue should not be confused with the fourth issue of G.I. Joe/Transformers Vol. 1.
  • It is difficult to determine if, in this continuity, Frenzy is either red or blue.
  • Wavelengths also has an article from the desk of Alan Wang.
  • As with the rest of this miniseries, Storm Shadow's name is consistently mis-parsed as Stormshadow.

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