Xal is a Cybertronic religious figure in the Generation 2 portion of the Generation One continuity family.

The true nature of the great Xal is unknown.


Marvel Comics continuity

Generation 2


Cast in the name of God, ye guilty.

On a distant planet (variously Karn or Korn), the Cybertronian Empire commander Mindset led a systematic slaughter of the planet's primitive man-animals as part of commander Jhiaxus's plot to draw out Optimus Prime's rebel Autobot forces.

In the midst of their genocide, Mindset and his forces were set upon by the Swarm. Mindset first swore by "the creator" as he watched the inky mass move to consume his troops; when he was the only one left, Mindset called upon great Xal to protect him.

Mindset was then devoured by the Swarm. Swarm

Note: In-between mentioning "the creator" and Xal, one of Mindset's troops swore by Primus. Within this context, it is possible that Xal is another Transformer diety, although how he/it would work into the dualistic nature of Primus and Unicron's struggle is uncertain, but it wouldn't be the first time another god was introduced to that. It is also possible that Xal is specifically a deity of the "second generation" Decepticons, but as one of them referenced Primus, this may not hold true.

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