The name or term Zarak refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Zarak (disambiguation).
The Cranium and the Zarak Consortium are organizations in the Generation One continuity family.
Zarak Consortium building

The Zarak Consortium building.

Zarak Consortium, of the planet Nebulos, is a front for an inner circle of maverick scientists called the Cranium. The organization's reclusive chairman is Mo Zarak.


IDW comics continuity

Mo Zarak was approached by the renegade Decepticon Scorponok to create a new, enigmatic technology. Ultra Magnus, seeking to bring Scorponok to justice for past crimes, infiltrated the Zarak building. Deep within the walls of the Cranium's laboratory, his sensors discovered a fusion of Nebulan and Cybertronian technology in the form of a re-engineered Nebulan specimen, a transformable man.

The Cranium's security detected Ultra Magnus' intrusion, however, forcing the Autobot to smash through the gates. The auto-piloted, animated armor proved no match for Ultra Magnus, and soon he was engaged in battle with Scorponok. Mo Zarak, fearing the destruction of his project, rushed into the room. The chairman was accidentally shot by Scorponok, however. Zarak's wounded, opened torso revealed he himself had been re-engineered with Cybertronian technology. Scorponok escaped, and Magnus left, but the fates of Mo Zarak, the Consortium, and the Cranium are unknown. Spotlight: Ultra Magnus

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