Zebres is an Autobot form the Robot Masters portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Zebres forms the head to the colossal Autobot Cybertron Base. His own head is formed by the smaller Master.

Which of these robots is in control (or even sentient at all) is unknown.


Robot Masters

  • Cybertron Base (Contest prize, 2004)
Zebres came only with Cybertron Base, who was First Prize in a Robot Masters contest where only 10 were awarded. As Cybertron Base is completely identical to the retail-release Car Robots Brave Maximus toy, Zebres is identical to the Emissary robot. He transforms from a robot to a "communications tower" for Cybertron Base's base modes, and forms the head for the giant robot. He doesn't need Master, who forms Zebres' head, to combine with Base.

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