Zel Samine is a planet in the Generation One continuity family
Ps2atlus zel samine

The Paradius United Government has turned Zel Samine into an energy-producing planet, supplying the needs of the entire Paradius System. Energy from across the planet is channeled to ELTA, the planet's main generator, where it is beamed to other worlds with a laser transmission array.

Zel Samine is also used for resource mining. There are few inhabitants.

The same electromagnetic field that makes Zel Samine such a rich energy source wreaks havoc with many forms of technology.


Transformers: Call of the Future

Zel samine

Zel Samine's surface is dotted with different means of gathering energy, such as windmills.

When a unidentified flying object was sighted near Zel Samine, the Autobots and the Decepticons both sent teams to investigate. Both teams vanished.

Optimus Prime went to find his missing team, taking Wheeljack and Jazz. Megatron delegated, instead sending Soundwave and Starscream. "Bah, who needs a long boring shuttle ride? Set up a space bridge when you get there and I'll join you." Both shuttles crashed.

Concealing their shuttle in a cave, the Decepticons summoned Megatron, but again Zel Samine's electromagnetic waves interfered and Megatron instead arrived some distance away from his intended destination. Megatron was less interested in his missing subordinates than he was in the planet's energy transmission facility. "Eh, they'll turn up eventually."

Stopping only to raid the (unconcealed) Autobot shuttle for energon cubes, Megatron began a long footmarch across the planet's surface to ELTA, under heavy Autobot fire. As it wore on, Megatron complained that Zel Samine was an "exasperatingly large planet".

Also? Megatron met Galvatron at some point. Probably a story in that. Transformers

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